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Y!Amp M6
Y!Amp M6 shows what you're listening to in your status on Yahoo! Messenger 6 and below. You can also set a custom message before the song title/artist, and more! It's even on! It only advertises when you close the program! Click the button below to begin showing all your friends what you're listening to!
Download: Right click and select 'Save Target As'
EN High-Tech v2 Yahoo! Messenger 6 Skin
The EN High-Tech v2 Skin for Yahoo! Messenger 6 is a sleek, dark, high-tech cool new style for your Messenger! Click the download button below to get a tight new look for your messenger! For instructions on how to install Yahoo! Messenger 6 skins,
click here.
Download: Right click and select 'Save Target As'

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