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This page is about me, the creator of "EliteNick.com"

Name: Nick
Hair: Dark brown
Handles: Sp3c13s, w1nd0ws_Xp, Silly_Boy__, Dick_Head_____, EliteNick, TrancePhorm
High Knowledge: Photoshop 7, HTML, graphic design, website design, skinning (scripts & programs)
Medium Knowledge: PHP, Javascript, Visual Basic 6
Little Knowledge: Flash MX
Marital Status Single
Pets: 3 Pugs
Music: Electronica, Hard Trance, Melodic Trance, Rock/Alternative Rock, some Rap
Likes: Mysterious movies that actually require thinking, smart people, school
Dislikes: Stupid people, assholes, closed-minded thinkers

My Words

I am not conceited, even though this site is named EliteNick! I just wanted to come up with a website name that had my name in it...so people couldn't question who made it, ect. Anyway, I am not an asshole, only when someone really pisses me of am I. I'm not trying to say I'm better than anyone on the net in terms of design, programming, ect. I really am not here to compete...I'm merely putting what I make out to the public. Well, that's it :)